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Water Softener Installation & Repair

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Hard water is a term used to describe water with high mineral content. These minerals are often calcium or magnesium. We won’t get into the science behind this problem, but what you do need to know is that these minerals in your water can significantly impact your skin, clothes, and glassware. If you’re in the restaurant, hospitality, laundromat, or other industry that relies heavily on safe, clean water, read on for more on what an effective water softener system can do for your business. When you’re ready, contact us at Maccarone Plumbing and we will help you pick the right system for your needs, install it for you, and walk you through the process of how it works.

Washing Machine Maintenance
Why is a Water Softener Important For Your Business?

While hard water is not a major health hazard, it can negatively affect your daily tasks. When soap is mixed with hard water, it won’t lather up as well. The calcium and magnesium will combine with some of the soap to form a solid that cannot be dissolved. The most obvious sign of this problem are the spots that are left on dried dishes or films on bathtubs and sinks. Sound familiar?

What’s harder to notice, however, is what hard water is doing to your plumbing system–that means your pipes, appliances, and faucets and fixtures. The same filmy spots left on dishes are being deposited inside your plumbing pipes. Often, a scale buildup can be seen on faucets. This buildup gradually reduces the flow of water in your pipes, reducing their efficiency and eventually leading to clog and drain problems. A simple problem that could have been solved with a water softener can eventually impact your greater plumbing system and slow down your business operations.


Scale buildup will also affect your water heater, making it work harder to maintain an adequate water supply. This shortens your water heater’s life span and can result in premature replacement.

To enjoy the benefits of cleaner water that will make your daily operations more efficient while taking care of your plumbing system, look to a water softener system.

What are the Benefits of Water Softeners?

Water softeners work seamlessly to help your business maintain a safe and clean work environment. With better quality water, your restaurant will prepare better tasting food and drinks, the hospital you manage will be safer for patients and staff, your laundromat will produce fresher looking clothes for your customers…the benefits go on for any industry or business!

Installing a water softener is one simple, practical way to improve the quality of the services you offer so you stay top of mind among your customers.

Does A Water Softener Require Maintenance?

Water softeners require regular refills of sodium. They should also be checked periodically to verify their physical integrity and to ensure efficient water flow throughout the system. Our professional team will help install and maintain your building’s water softener system to provide you with plenty of clean water to work with.

Call us today at (516) 671-3232 for great water softener options and guaranteed quality installations and repairs.

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