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Water Softener Installation

Need to add a water softener to your home? Call (516) 671-3232 for professional repair and replacement service.

Water softener installation and repair is necessary in homes or buildings where hard water is present. Hard water typically contains mineral deposits such as calcium, limescale, and sulfur that leave a residue on faucets, skin, and hair; these mineral deposits even lead to clogged drains. If you have hard water, consider installing a water softener in your home or commercial property. We help customers throughout Long Island and Five Boroughs add this convenient device for healthier plumbing and improved skin and hair!

Washing Machine Maintenance
What are the Benefits of Water Softeners?

Save money by using less soap: Soft water restores the cleansing and lathering power of soaps, shampoos, and detergents. You’ll use less of these products when you have soft water. In fact, you can expect to use 70 percent less soap with a water softener!

More vibrant clothing: Water softeners also protect your appliances and help to make your clothes softer and cleaner. The colors of your clothes, towels, and linens will remain vibrant when washed in conditioned soft water, and their lifespan will increase by 33 percent.

Softer skin: When you do the dishes or take a shower, your skin will also feel softer! No more dreading the chore of washing the dishes and having to wear gloves. Dishes and glasses will also have fewer spots if they are cleaned with softened water, and the life of your dishwasher will be extended as well.

Reduced risk of drain clogs: Your plumbing is less likely to clog with softened water. This will prevent costly repairs that may occur over time. There will also be fewer rings or stains around your tub, and faucet fixtures will enjoy better maintenance.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Water softeners use salt to regenerate the water and soften it. The softening process is achieved through the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions for sodium and potassium ions. Resin beads are present to act like magnets capturing and exchanging the calcium and magnesium ions.

A brine and salt solution is often used in conjunction with the resin beads to soften the water. The brine solution is stored in the brine well, which also features a brine tank safety float to ensure that the salt water does not overflow onto your floor.

A grid plate is placed at the bottom of the brine tank to displace water and make room for more water to be placed into the brine tank. A bypass valve is also featured in the event there is an issue with the water softener. The stainless steel bypass may restrict the water flow better than a standard plastic bypass valve.

Ready for Cleaner Water, Better Plumbing, and Softer Hair and Skin?

If you need water softener installation and repair services, our water treatment specialists are here to help. Contact us for a consultation to help you resolve your hard water problems.

Get better water for drinking and washing. Call us today at (516) 671-3232 to install your new water softener system!

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