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Septic Tank Services

Need commercial septic tank services? Call (516) 671-3232 for professional repair and replacement service.

Occasionally, a vendor contemplating the purchase of a commercial business will ask how to determine whether the property is using the city’s sewer system or a private septic tank. Just a cursory look in the street for the sewer cover should answer that question. Chances are, any property sewage operation will empty into a nearby outdoor septic tank. But in some smaller communities, a septic system is the only outlet available. Septic tanks can present issues if not properly maintained on a regular basis. No plumbing company knows this better than Maccarone Plumbing, which serves commercial properties throughout Long Island and Five Boroughs.

What are Common Septic Tank Problems?

Strange as it may sound, excessive use is one of the major causes of septic tank clogging. And that problem becomes exacerbated by not pumping the tank when necessary. Ignoring these advanced signs will promote the continuing buildup of solids.

In addition, too much water can contribute to further problems, as this will push the solids into the leach field and lead to overloading and clogging in the system; this will eventually cause the system to fail and shut down.

However, too little water can become a feeding ground for bacteria and possible contamination of your drinking water.

How Can You Avoid These Problems?

It’s recommended that septic tanks be emptied on an annual basis. The tank can only hold so much waste material. Each septic tank needs roof vents which ensure that the inside pressure stays neutralized. If the vents are jammed or become faulty, you won’t want to know how bad the odor can become. We suggest investing in a traditional two-chamber fiberglass, or brick or concrete septic tank for ultimate performance.


Avoiding septic tank problems in the future is best accomplished through proper installation and performing annual maintenance. Call us today at (516) 671-3232 for professional repairs and maintenance.

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