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Does your business need a plumbing repipe? Call (516) 671-3232 for professional repair and replacement service.

If you’re looking for professional repiping services for your commercial site, you’ve come to the right place! We provide quality repiping solutions that will fit your specific needs and budget. You will find us serving commercial sites across Long Island and Five Boroughs.

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When Should You Repipe?

When should you invest in new plumbing pipes? First, check if you have old galvanized pipes; this kind of material is prone to corrosion and is unsafe to have in the long run. You will start to notice signs of corrosion if you see rust-colored water coming from your tap, or if the water begins to smell.


It’s also a good idea to replace your pipes if you have a severe leak in your system. Our plumbing experts will be able to tell you if repiping is necessary.


Finally, we don’t have to tell you that New York can get extremely cold! During extreme temperatures, your pipes can freeze. In some cases the pipes can be thawed to prevent them from bursting; however, they may not always be thawed in time. If the pipe burst is severe enough, repiping may become an option.


When is repair the better option? Repairs can be made in place of repiping if the problem does not involve rusted pipes or severe leaking. Burst pipes can also be repaired in some cases, but if your system is older and could benefit from a complete repipe, we will present you with options for replacement.

What are Recommended Pipe Materials?

Commercial repiping materials often involve either copper or PEX piping. Our technicians will help simplify the decision making process.


Copper pipes can be recycled and are fire resistant. They generally come with a fifty-year warranty, and can be used for indoor and outdoor piping. If your business needs to repipe outdoor plumbing, copper is your only choice.


PEX pipes are not recommended for outdoor pipes. However, the upside to PEX is that it is flexible, durable, has a lesser chance of leaking, and is a lot quieter than copper. PEX also does well in extreme temperatures, so frozen pipes become less of a major threat.


To sum up: Use Copper piping for a longer warranty or if your pipes are outside. Use PEX piping if you live in freezing temperatures and only need pipes indoors. Also use PEX if you are looking for a cheaper solution.


Have more questions? Not sure if repiping is the best solution for you? Call us today at (516) 671-3232 for the right answers!

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