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Plumbing Services for Banks

Have a plumbing emergency? Call (516) 674-1553 for professional repair and replacement service.

Our commercial division specializes in plumbing services for banks across Long Island and Five Boroughs. If an issue arises, we are ready to help you get your work day back on schedule.

Image by Tim Evans
Have a Clogged or Overflowing Toilet?

Problems to look out for include clogged or overflowing toilets. The latter, in particular, can point to a severely damaged sewer line that needs immediate attention. We provide prompt service to repair any problem you may have with your sewer line or other plumbing unit, so you can get back to your daily operations with minimal interruption.

Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

For simple clogs, we will use a drain snake or auger to break up the debris in your line. Augers are effective tools that trace a flexible cable into your drain line to dislodge any obstructions. Most clogs are quickly removed with this tool.

Since clogs can occur further in your sewer line, it becomes difficult to identify these blockages. To solve the problem, we use a video pipe inspection. This service involves inserting a specialized camera into your pipe to verify problem areas. Through this video camera we will be able to find leaks and other weak points. Video pipe inspection is a less invasive way of locating pipe problems without having to dig up any part of your property.

Looking to Install a Fire Sprinkler System?

We specialize in fire sprinkler installations and inspections that adhere to local code and standards. By installing individually activated sprinkler heads, your facility has an effective way to ward off fires before they grow out of control. We offer annual contracts that automatically set up quarterly inspections, as required by local regulations.

Call us at (516) 671-3232 for immediate plumbing services at competitive rates.

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