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Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Need garbage disposal repair or replacement? Call (516) 671-3232 for professional repair and replacement service.

Like all mechanical appliances, garbage disposals break down over time either from weathered parts or maintenance neglect. Maccarone Plumbing knows garbage disposals inside and out. Read on to learn more about common problems and how to avoid them.

Is Your Garbage Disposal…

Noisier than usual?

While your disposal will create inherent noise, the sound should not overpower the kitchen. We typically look for simple causes, including small utensils stuck in the blades. Because of vibrations over the years, screws holding the assembly, blades, or weights in place may have become loose. We inspect your disposal from below and above for any loose items.

Lacking power?

Garbage disposals draw a lot of current when they activate. If you have a new disposal plugged into an electrical circuit sharing other appliances, such as the microwave, a breaker will inevitably trip. Maccarone Plumbing will look over your circuitry and suggest a dedicated circuit for the disposal. We can also show you the disposal’s reset button. If the motor gets too hot during operation, the disposal automatically shuts down until you reset the system. This self-preservation prevents severe damage to the appliance.

Developing rust?

If you just moved into a home that has been empty for some time, your disposal may be rusted and stuck in place. Disposals run for many years without rust problems, but they must be consistently used. We can evaluate your disposal to see if it is salvageable. Rust and corrosion may become so severe that your unit will need to be replaced.

How Can You Prevent These Problems?

Following simple maintenance tips can extend the life of your disposal. Most importantly, do not use your disposal like a regular trash can. Only place small food items with a soft texture in the appliance. Run the motor frequently to move food down the drain without clogging it.


What shouldn’t be entering your disposal? Tough items, such as potato peels or corn husks, belong in the trash can. Pour oil or grease into a glass jar for disposal rather than pouring it down the drain; oil and grease congeal quickly to clog both the disposal and drain.


Have offensive odors coming from your drain? Because food particles can stick temporarily to the blades, disposals can develop odors. We can clean the disposal for you using specialized cleansers, but one of the simplest ways to stop odors immediately is to use a lemon wedge. Cut the wedge into tiny pieces and allow the blades to cut the rest. The natural citrus oil deodorizes the disposal and leaves a pleasant scent.


Rejuvenate your garbage disposal to keep your kitchen running smoothly! Call us today at (516) 671-3232 for immediate repair and replacement services.

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