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Ductless Mini Split Installation & Repair

Looking to add a ductless mini split AC unit? Call (516) 671-3232 for professional repair and replacement service.

While a normal air conditioning unit might be sufficient to keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature and keep humidity levels down during the hot summer season, they have several disadvantages when compared to ductless mini split air conditioners.

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What are the Advantages of Ductless Mini Splits?

Energy savings: A typical air conditioning unit consumes far more power than a ductless mini split model to heat up the same cubic feet of air inside a room. You can save a significant amount per year by opting for the latter model. In fact, it is possible to recover the purchase price of a ductless mini split AC within a few years.

Peace and quiet: Since a traditional AC has the compressor installed inside the unit, it causes excessive noise in the room where it is installed. This is not the case with the ductless mini split; this unit has the compressor installed outside the room. The noise emitted by the blowing fans of the latter is barely noticeable. Apart from this, less wall space is required by ductless mini splits.

Less risk: Why damage your windows to install a traditional air conditioning unit when boring a three inch hole in the wall is sufficient for a ductless mini split AC? As its name suggests, the ductless mini split, unlike central air conditioners, does not require the installation of ducts indoors. This is less risky; an improperly insulated duct from a traditional AC reduces the efficiency of the unit, keeping its compressor running for longer periods and resulting in inflated power bills.

More indoor space: The ductless mini split is versatile in design, which means it can be placed anywhere inside your home or business. It can be installed above the windows, beneath the ceiling, or if you prefer, mounted on the floor. Since its compressor unit can be set up as far away as 100 feet from the main unit, it is possible to install these convenient systems wherever you prefer. The only extra cost is the additional conduit pipe.


The only disadvantage of these units is that they tend to cost more than the traditional window-mounted air conditioners.

What are the Maintenance Requirements?

We advocate regular HVAC maintenance, and this is true for the mini split as well. Proper care and routine cleaning of the condensing unit will allow you to enjoy years of uninterrupted service.

If your mini split breaks down, do not attempt to disassemble it on your own. It can lead to electric shock that might damage the unit beyond repair. Get in touch with our team for the right solution.

Ready to enjoy the energy savings and flexibility of a ductless mini split AC? Call (516) 671-3232 to learn more about your options!

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