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Maccarone Plumbing provides a full range of plumbing services. Call (516) 671-3232 for help ASAP!

Your business can’t afford downtime from a plumbing issue. Maccarone Plumbing works with commercial and institutional properties throughout Long Island and Five Boroughs to inspect, develop, implement, and maintain a range of plumbing units. Whether it’s a fire sprinkler system, backflow prevention device, or sewer line, we have you covered.

We build for the future: Our most recent project included installations for schoolsbankshospitals, manufacturing plants, public utilities, and more.

Need to Install a New Fire Sprinkler System?

Our technicians will build your customized sprinkler system to satisfy all mandatory fire codes. We provide a diverse range of high quality pipes, pumps, sprinkler heads, and alarms to provide your organization with options that fit comfortably with your needs and budget. We also provide annual contracts for scheduled inspections every three months.

Is It Time to Test Your Backflow Prevention Device?

In an ideal situation, the water supply provided to staff and visitors remains safe from the wastewater flowing toward treatment plants. However, an imbalance in the water pressure system connected to your building can create a backflow, or return, of contaminated water into the public drinking water supply. While the service connections of each property have preventative devices installed to stop the contaminated water from reaching the public supply system, backflow is not prevented from returning to the system where the contamination happened.

To counter this, we provide maintenance services for your backflow prevention device that covers testing, inspection, and installation. Annual backflow testing will help ensure that you and those you work with enjoy a safe environment.

Looking to Repair Your Sewer Line?

Your sewer line can seal itself off due to calcium deposits from hard water flow, as well as develop clogs when tree roots penetrate the line. Other problems include cracks and leaks. To properly diagnose the problem within your line, we will use fiber optic video cameras inserted into your pipes. This will help us determine the necessary steps to restore the line to working condition while meeting state inspection codes.

Have a Problem With Your Water Main?

The water main supplies all of the clean water to your business, and even a simple leak that goes undetected can quickly lead to property damage. Signs that your water main is experiencing problems include a sudden jump in your water bill, condensation underneath your floors, and a running water sound even if no faucets are turned on.

A plumbing emergency involving a water main break requires immediate intervention and repair. Please call us immediately if you discover that your main water main has stopped functioning, is leaking, or is otherwise compromised.

Call us today at (516) 671-3232 to get started on your next commercial plumbing project.

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