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Clogged Toilet Repair

Keep your restrooms free from clogs! Call (516) 671-3232 for professional clogged toilet repair.

Have a clogged toilet at your commercial property? Leave a good impression on customers and guests with timely repair. If you are in Long Island or Five Boroughs contact the team at Maccarone Plumbing and we will get to your site as soon as possible.

What’s Causing That Toilet Clog?

With the number of people entering the restrooms in commercial areas, the plumbing can easily experience problems. In most cases, toilet clogs are caused by foreign items being flushed down the toilet. This can include anything from diapers to paper towels; even excess toilet paper can lead to clog problems.

Another source of your clogged toilet problem is the sewer line. If your sewer line is damaged or blocked in any way, this can affect your toilet as well. A sewer line problem that goes undetected can eventually lead your drains to overflow.

What’s the Solution?

Commercial toilet problems often require professional repair. There are various techniques that can be used to clear a clog, often through drain snaking. This is more effective than the basic plunger, and safer for your pipes than pouring down a chemical drain cleaner.


Another method is hydrojetting, which is recommended for severe issues within your sewer line. Hydrojetting blasts away all manner of debris using high-pressure water jets. Performing hydrojetting can help improve your overall plumbing system.

How Can You Prevent Clogged Toilet Problems?

Prevent clogged toilets with basic maintenance and regular care. Let guests and staff know that certain items are not to be flushed down the toilet. Routine upkeep and maintenance will help reduce the chance of clogging.

When a clogged toilet occurs, the piping in the building can become damaged and require costly repairs. In some cases, using a plunger or chemical drain cleaner will actually make the problem worse.

Clear the toughest clogs with help from our plumbing experts! Call us today at (516) 671-3232 to get your restroom back in good working order.

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