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Burst Pipe Repair

Get your burst pipe under control with professional repairs. Call (516) 671-3232 for professional repair and replacement service.

Burst pipes can happen unexpectedly and create extensive damage in a short amount of time if not handled quickly. For emergency burst pipe repairs in Long Island and Five Boroughs, look to Maccarone Plumbing. We serve commercial properties throughout the area.

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What Should You Do If You Have a Burst Pipe?

If you encounter a burst pipe during business hours or outside of normal hours, the first thing to do is to turn off your main water shutoff valve. If you are not sure where this is located, call us and we will guide you. In the most extreme situations, a large segment of the pipe will have to be removed and replaced with completely new piping.

In less severe cases, the pipe can remain in place and be repaired. Soldering the pipe is one way to fix the problem. New valves, specifically stop and waste valves, will have to be installed on the pipe. Our plumbers will provide complete repairs and install any necessary components.

What Causes Burst Pipes?

There are different factors that can lead to burst pipes. The most common reason is the pipe becoming frozen. During extremely cold weather, water inside the pipes can freeze if there is a problem with the interior heating system. When water turns to ice, it expands and puts pressure on the pipe walls, leading them to burst.

Engineers do realize that pipes can be under a lot of pressure during the winter time; as such, pipes are built in such a way that they can withstand a significant amount of pressure. The constant cumulative effects of pressure on the pipes is going to eventually have a major effect. The interior structure of the pipe will be weakened. It might even take years for the pipe to become so weak that it breaks. When the time does arrive, nothing is going to prevent the damage from occurring.

How Can You Prevent Burst Pipes?

One of the simplest and most overlooked ways of keeping a pipe from bursting would be to allow a trickle of water to come through the faucets during the winter time. Water cannot really freeze inside your pipes if it is moving. A little trickle of water running through the pipes will help undermine the freezing process.

Another way to ward off frozen pipes is to install insulation in the areas where the pipes are most prone to becoming frozen. Insulation will keep the pipes buffered from the cold weather. The cost of insulating your pipes is a sound investment in preventing potential damage and costly repairs.


Call us today at (516) 671-3232 for immediate burst pipe repair.

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