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AC Filter Replacement

Looking to replace your AC filter? Call (516) 671-3232 for professional repair and replacement service.

Your air filters need to be replaced every month, even when the air conditioner is not running. The heater and air conditioner use the same ducts, which means the same air returns to help regulate temperature in the home. Maintaining your HVAC system is a necessity with the rise and fall of temperatures. Electricity bills tend to rise with the temperature changes. Maintaining your air conditioner in particular is a specialized process that requires the help of cooling specialists. Our team of experts take care of everything from major replacements and repairs to basic maintenance duties such as cleaning your coils and replacing dirty air filters.

Cleaning the Filters
Why Do You Need to Replace Your Air Filter?

Air filters trap dust, which works to improve the air quality in your home or business. A dirty air filter will cost you because the air conditioner must work harder to perform the same tasks. Your unit will be forced to overwork and experience reduced efficiency. Dirty air filters can actually make you, your family, and pets sick by returning contaminants through the ducts back into your air space.

Although it may seem easy to replace an air filter on your own, we provide replacement services when underlying problems are present. For example, a severely clogged air filter will create more problems with your air conditioner system that our technician will be able to identify before those problems cause your system to break down.

Safety is also an issue when replacing an air filter. Most air return vents are easily accessible, but in specialty systems and newer homes the air return vent may be on the ceiling or in the attic. Our technicians can help replace those difficult to access filters.

Is Your Air Filter Keeping Out 99% of Dust?

Air filters come in many different types and for many different purposes.

The standard air filter should be changed at least once every month. It only restricts 5% of the dirt and dust that accumulates in your home or office.


Some people have allergies that require special high-efficiency particulate arrestor (HEPA) filters. A HEPA filter is extremely efficient. It can keep out 99% of dust.

Electrostatic filters are common in many homes. This type of filter can be cleaned and reused. The efficiency of an electrostatic filter is around 10-15%. They also require higher maintenance because they easily clog up.

Have you changed your air filter for the month? We will not only help with replacements, but detect potential problems as well. Call us at (516) 671-3232 to schedule a service call.

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